High Temperature Insulation, Refractory fireproof Insulation


Insulation subjected to high temperatures and refractory are perfect fields of use for Laterlite Expanded Clay aggregate, as it can withstand temperatures of over 1,100°C non-stop. In addition, it is a fireproof refractory insulation material because it is completely inorganic and non-combustible, dimensionally stable and loadbearing, making it the most suitable mineral thermal insulation for this type of use.

Some examples:

  • Insulation of flues and chimneys (insulation backfill).
  • Insulation of ovens and furnaces, both civil and industrial
  • Protection of kiln cars in kilns for the manufacture of ceramics and bricks.
  • Insulation of pipelines, tanks and industrial plants, also as a bearing layer under foundations.
  • Insulation of solar thermal power plants (thermal storage tanks – molten salt storage tanks).

High-temperature insulation with Laterltie Expanded Clay Aggregate is generally laid dry, but the granules can also be combined with refractory binders to make refractory concrete and mortar.

Due to its properties, Laterlite Expanded Clay is often also used as an aggregate in the manufacture of refractory precast products.




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