Precast refractory products


100% mineral, non-combustible (Euroclass A1) and with a high aluminium oxide (or alumina) content, Laterlite Expanded Clay is a naturally refractory material, capable of resisting temperatures of over 1,100°C continuously without alteration.

These characteristics, together with its high mechanical strength, make it ideal for the manufacture, with the use of high temperature resistant binders, of precast refractory products and refractory concrete elements, such as:

  • Prefabricated elements for smoke ducts and chimneys
  • Chimneys, fireplaces, and barbecues
  • Prefabricated ovens and furnaces

In each of these applications, the thermal insulating power of expanded clay is particularly appreciated, reducing heat loss through the prefabricated parts, and preventing overheating of the outside, in favour of safety and the durability of possible finishes.

Laterlite expanded clay is also commonly used to make refractory mortars and concretes (both in situ and premixed in bags) and for high temperature civil and industrial insulation.






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