Sport field drainage


Effective sport field drainage is essential to create a fully efficient playing surface (made either of natural or synthetic grass, earth, or sand) for frequent use, including in bad weather or after sudden heavy rain.

The drainage requirements for natural grass playing fields are particularly demanding because of the need for frequent watering and because they can become unusable if damaged by stagnating water, mud, or puddles.

A drainage system made from Laterlite Expanded Clay makes possible:

  • effective water removal because of its high permeability (> 500 mm/min) even in the most difficult impermeable terrains (clay-rich ground).
  • a valuable moisture and airreserve (approx. > 30% moisture and > 85% air) because of its high percentage of voids, which is good for keeping turf healthy.
  • prevention of settlements and subsidence over timein the supporting ground because of the very low density of expanded clay (330 – 400 Kg/m3) which also stabilises the ground
  • ease of installation on existing built structures such as sports areas on roofs or on top of underground car parks because lightweight expanded clay reduces loading on the structure even when saturated with water. See Green Roofs.
  • Depending on design requirements the drainage system may be placed
  • under a whole playing field as a continuous layer that drains in all directions. maximising usability of the playing surface
  • in specific positions as the fill for drainage trenches.

Laterlite Expanded Clay can be used in the drainage systems of soccer, rugby, athletic fields, golf courses, tennis courts surfaced with red clay or grass, racecourses, riding schools, beach volleyball courts, bowling greens, and recreational or open-air play areas in general.

Depending on the design requirements, the performance of a playing surface can be optimised by laying it on successive levels of expanded clay of different granular sizes.



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