Substrate for Plant Propagation by Seed and by Cutting


The most common ways of plant propagation are to grow them by seed or reproduce them by cutting. Cutting is a vegetative plant reproduction technique that consists of separating a piece of the stem or root from the source plant and then encouraging it to grow its own roots and develop as a new independent copy.

In this type of plant reproduction Laterlite Agri Expanded Clay of fine granulometry (granular size 2/3 or crushed size 0/4) is widely used in the substrate either on its own or as part of a mix (depending on the plant to be reproduced) giving many advantages that include:

  • excellent drainage
  • excellent moisture reserve over time
  • excellent root aeration and oxygenation
  • complete dimensional stability (does not compact and will not separate from the rootlets over time)
  • mechanical support for seedlings
  • negligible salinity
  • freedom from pathogens, insects, or the seeds of other plants
  • easy to wash and sterilise for reuse
  • standardised properties
  • easy to source




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